Eileen Fisher in Vogue Knitting!

We are always excited when a knitting magazine contacts us and asks to use our yarn for an editorial piece. Usually when they ask for yarn they tell us what publication it is for and a very basic description.

For example Vogue Knitting contacted us last February and asked for a bag of Sprout in two colors (Olive Leaf and Prune) for a pullover that would be published in the Fall 2014 magazine.

We sent them the yarn and waited. And waited. And impatiently waited.

A few weeks back we got the news. Not only was it going to be a pullover, it was going to be a designer piece. And not just any designer…but Eileen Fisher!

Eileen Fisher is known for elegance and simplicity. And her design in the new Vogue Knitting does not disappoint!

This loose-fitting dolman pullover is worked sideways (from cuff to cuff) in two pieces. After seaming the two pieces together, stitches are picked up around the cuffs and knit in a 1 x 1 rib in the round.  The pullover also sports a high-low hem, seen on many trend alerts this fall.

While we love the colors that Vogue Knitting picked, we couldn’t help but wonder what the pullover would look like in other colors. We picked a few that are trending for fall and asked our graphic designer (with permission from Vogue Knitting) to recolor them for us, just so we could see more great possibilities!

From left to right: Lime, Cardinal Red, Burnt Orange and Summer Rain
Here is an additional tip for you – if you knit with Seedling doubled, it is the same gauge and drape as Sprout. Yep…so that means you have even more options when you go to your LYS to pick out your colors.

Stay tuned for this week’s upcoming WIP Wednesday. Someone at the office has already started her EF pullover…

Knit on!

Photos courtesy of Vogue Knitting. Paul Amato for LVARepresents.com

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