On Your Mark…Get Set…

Monday is the day! The day we all get to cast on for our Wadena shawl for the KAL we are hosting.

We have all been very busy around here playing with yarn choices and different color ways. I think most have us have made our final decisions - but there may be a last minute substitution…or two.

I decided that I wanted to make a lighter weight version of the shawl, so I am using Fresco held single in three colors (Pea Pod, Gray Stone and Icy Teal). Since I am using a yarn with a smaller gauge I’ll be doing a little math this weekend to figure out how many extra repeats to make and then how many stitches to pick up to have the shawl be the same length as the original.

Our Sales Director, Heather is also using Fresco held single. She chose Icy Teal, Passion Fruit and Gray Stone as her colors. Our shawls will have a similar color feeling, but still be very different, since our main color is different. Another difference will be that she likes a smaller shawl that just sits on her shoulders, so she is going to be making hers with fewer repeats than the pattern calls for.

Betsy, the owner of CEY, has decided to make hers using the Majestic Tweed that the pattern calls for. She wears a lot of earth tones and wanted a shawl that will work with a variety of different outfits. She will be using Brick, Charcoal as her trim colors and Sage as her main color.

Cheryl, who works in our outlet store, has also decided to make her wrap in Majestic Tweed. She chose Sapphire Blue, Ballerina and Cognac as her colors. Planning ahead, she is making her Wadena to give as a gift this holiday season (I am really impressed by her motivation to get started on her gift giving knitting, btw).

I feel a little bad for Tonia, a member of our design team. Because she is allergic to angora, so she can’t use Majestic Tweed. But at the same time I don’t feel too bad for her because she is going to knit the wrap in Wynter and Blackthorn, which will be stunning. She chose Crimson and Bright Green in Wynter as her trim colors and Seal in Blackthorn as her main color.

Another member of our team that is joining the KAL is Andi in Customer Service. While she loves the shawl, she’s not a big fan of the color blocking. Plus she wanted a lighter weight shawl. Deciding to make the shawl using one strand of Alpaca Sox in Aztec Gold is going to give the piece a whole different look. It’ll be exciting to see her piece as it progresses.

And last (but certainly not least) Linda, who does a variety of things (including coordinating the sample knitting, putting kits together and helps with all the miscellaneous things that go on in a warehouse) has decided to make hers out of Majestic Tweed in Lavender and Ballerina with Espresso as her main color.

I think the best part of a Knit-A-Long like this is seeing all the different combination people come up with. It’s very rare that two projects look exactly the same. Different color combinations + different fibers = a kazillion different possibilities. And I can’t wait till Tuesday at lunch to see everyone’s progress at the lunch table. This is going to be fun!

Have you got everything together for the KAL? You can find all the information you need, including the guidelines here.

Knit on…
(But don’t cast on for Wadena until Monday. Ok? I know it will be difficult.)

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