Transitional Yarns – Soft Linen and Magnolia

One of the staff favorites at Classic Elite Yarns is Soft Linen and for good reason. Soft Linen is a wool, alpaca and linen blend that makes a gorgeous fabric, perfect for year round garments.  The stitch definition is spectacular. Simple stockinette really shines and lace really pops.

When our design team was creating the feel of our newest book, Autumn Leaf, designer Tonia Barry knew she had to make a cardigan in Soft Linen.

I <3 the Indian Summer cardigan. It’s the perfect blend of stockinette and lace knitting - a little stockinette, a little lace and then a little more stockinette. Not to mention the fact that is extremely stylish and easy to wear. The best part…it has pockets! I love pockets.

This cardigan has already become a staff favorite. I know of two that are on needles and quite a few of us have it in our (mental) queues.

Another great transitional yarn is Magnolia. I have a predisposition to loving this yarn for the name alone. I spent my college years in the south and I can personally attest to how beautiful the magnolia trees are…they look great with or without the blooms and they smell amazing. So it didn’t surprise me one bit that I love this yarn as much I love the foliage.

It also doesn’t surprise me that I adore the Apple Cider wrap from Deborah Helmke. This is one of those pieces that is more than a wrap, but not quite a cardigan.

Starting at the lower back hem, it’s knit in one piece up and over the shoulders, where it is split for the front. After binding off, there is a small seam on each side to work, weave in your ends and you are done! Or leave the seams unsewn and let it fall over your shoulders (you may want to still weave in your ends though).

Perfect for throwing on as you are heading out the door on those days where you need just a little extra warmth or something to block the wind.

You may have noticed that both of these pieces have a leaf motif. In fact…all of the pieces in our book Autumn Leaf do! This book is full of amazing pieces that are perfect to knit now, and wear as soon as you are finished. Check out them all out here.

Now…I just need to finish a few things before I can cast on for both of these pieces…

Knit on!

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