WIP Wednesday…Eileen Fisher Sprout Pullover

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind at Classic Elite Yarns who Betsy’s favorite designer is. Eileen Fisher, hands down. Betsy loves the classic and sophisticated pieces that all have a way of working together – from one season to the next. The only thing missing from her Eileen Fisher wardrobe was a hand knit sweater.

And then it happened. We found out that Vogue Knitting was publishing a pattern that Eileen Fisher designer. And in CEY Sprout no less!

After taking a mental stock of her wardrobe, Betsy decided that she wanted to make the long sleeve dolman pullover in Tawny Port. This earthy brown with red undertones is going to complement everything in her closet. It will go with blacks, greys, other neutrals, greens, blues …you name it. Plus it’s a great transitional color.

#4307 Tawny Port
Being a diligent knitter, Betsy made a gauge swatch and reviewed the pattern before casting on. She also took a close look at the schematic. It was then she decided to make a few modifications to the pattern before beginning. 

While she really likes the high-low hem on the pattern, she wanted the front  to be the same length as the back and the scoop on the hems to be a little less dramatic. This will make her finished piece a little more timeless, while remaining true to the trend. Some things are easy to adjust as you knit – make the sleeve a little longer, use a 2 x 2 rib instead of a 1 x 1. But since the sweater is knit side-to-side, it is best to make these adjustments to the pattern prior to casting on. She printed some knitter’s graph paper that she found on the web and set to adjusting the pattern.

It didn’t take her long to map everything out and cast on. It also didn’t take her long to come to the conclusion that removable stitch markers were going to be a key element for successfully knitting this sweater. As you can see below, she is putting a stitch marker in every increase along the top sleeve edge. This is helping her keep track of where she is and how often she needs to increase.

Betsy has been plugging away at the sweater and is about half way done with the front and it won’t be long now until she is casting on for the back. She even sent her husband in one day when she was working from home to get more yarn because she was afraid that she was going to run out.

I can’t wait to see the finished piece. Not only is it going to look great on her, it’s just so…’her.’ I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of it around the office once she is finished.

Knit on!

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