WIP Wednesday…Erika Cardigan

One difference between working at a yarn company and working in a traditional 9 to 5 job is that not only is it completely acceptable to have a knitting project (or two) in the drawer of your desk, it’s the norm. A while back Heather, our Sales Director, decided that she wanted to have something that she didn’t have to carry back and forth every day and just have at the office for lunch time and meeting knitting.

As inspiration, Heather remembered back to the industry trade show last year and the cardigan one of the MillaMia ladies was wearing – the Erika Cardigan. It seemed like the perfect knit, and the Naturally Soft Merino it called for was a yarn she’d wanted to use for a while.

When it came time to pick colors, Heather started pulling yarn and polling the lunch table for opinions on color combinations. She really wanted to use last year’s limited edition colors – Cobalt and Lime – but wasn’t sure what to use as her third color. We, I mean she, eventually decided that the Fuchsia would be the best compliment.

 This is Heather’s long-term, leave at work project, so it’s taking a bit longer than most projects –

The good news is that this sweater is a contemporary take on a classic sweater and whenever Heather finishes (be it two months from now or two years) it will still be relevant and fashionable.  In fact she is already talking about making another one, but in more toned down colors like the alternate version shown in the book.

There are so many colors of the Naturally Soft Merino from MillaMia that there are tons of different color combinations for this sweater.  Any of which would look great.

Have you made the Erika Cardigan? We would love to see your color combination!

Knit on!

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