WIP Wednesday…Errrrr…FO Wednesday…Indian Summer

By now many of you have seen that our very own Cheryl (who works in our outlet store) had a FO featured on Ravelry last week in the Community Eye Candy: Yellow! section. We honestly couldn’t be more proud. Ironically, I had already planned a post on her piece. It was meant to be a WIP entry, but she knits so fast, she finished before I had a chance to talk about it! And when the folks at Ravelry saw it, they published it right away.

I have mentioned Cheryl on the blog in the past. She is by far one of the fastest knitters I know. She will tell you that she is not a very fast knitter, just very dedicated. Whatever the reason, she turns out finished pieces at an alarming rate.

I am jealous.

This week I am really jealous because she recently finished her Indian Summer from Autumn Leaf in Soft Linen. She was very focused on this project and had it finished in just over two weeks!

She told me that it went so fast in part because the lace pattern is really intuitive and was just the right amount of break from knitting the stockinette portion.

Like the rest of us, Cheryl doesn’t enjoying doing a gauge swatch. She gets excited about a project and wants to cast on and go, go, go! In this case she got lucky and was able to use her pocket lining as a swatch. It was a two for one!

For many of us, knitting stockinette is very meditative or zen like. For Cheryl it is pure torture. To break up the ‘boring’ (her word, not mine) stockinette sleeves, she knit one front, then one sleeve, the other front and finished with the second sleeve. That way she didn’t have to ‘work two boring sleeves, one right after the other’ (again…her words, not mine).

As you can see she was so excited about this project that she started sewing it together before all the pieces were knitted.

One of the many great things about Soft Linen is that it really is a year-round yarn. Even though it is a long sleeve cardigan, she has been able to wear it already, on a cool New England summer day!

I am also very proud of Cheryl for stepping outside of her color comfort zone with the gold color she chose. That’s not a very easy thing for many of us. She was a little surprised when she realized how many things she will be able to wear with her new gold cardigan.

Nice job Cheryl!

Knit on!

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