WIP Wednesday…Liberty Wool Cabled Cardigan

As soon as I saw the picture for the Grandpa Cardigan from Joji Locatelli I knew I had to make it. And I knew exactly what I was going to make it out of!

Liberty Wool is a great yarn for kids and blankets, and it makes beautiful sweaters for adults too! While the print colors of Liberty Wool are awesome, we also have lots of amazing solid colors. The stitch definition is perfect for a cabled sweater (a big part of what drew me to this pattern was Joji’s use of cables and the elongated stitch she used to separate them). I ran back to the warehouse to make sure we had enough stock on the color I wanted and sure enough we did!

Joji uses a unique top-down construction in most of her patterns, that incorporates set-in sleeves, and this is no exception. You start with a provisional cast on and make one of the shoulders (only a few rows) and the do the same for the other side. After the shoulders are completed you connect the shoulders with a cast on for the back in. From there you work down to the armholes, using some increases to shape the back. She then instructs you to remove your provisional cast-on from one of the shoulders and work the front to the armhole, and repeat for the other side.

From there the pieces are joined to work in one piece until the hem. Unless you are like me and decide to experiment with adding pockets. I honestly kind of made it up as I went, and got lucky that it seems to have worked.

The basic principle of what I did was split the front from the back, worked the fronts as is, except changing the three stitches on the side where the pocket would lie to garter instead of reverse stockinette. For the back I cast on a few stitches on each side of the piece until the pocket linings were wide enough and then continued knitting until the length matched the fronts. Once the back and fronts were the same length I knit across the first front until the spot where the pocket linings would lay and knit one stitch from the front and one stitch from the back together to create a ‘seam’ for the bottom of the pocket. Have I lost you yet?

Pockets on the correct side and the wrong side.
I will have a better idea of how well it worked when the ribbing is done and the piece is off the needles…which hopefully will be soon.

After the ribbing, all I have left is the collar and the sleeves (which are picked up at the armhole and knit in the round down to the cuff)…which is still a lot. But I really can’t wait to be able to wear this sweater. I see it as my go-to sweater in the fall - the one you pull on when it’s just a touch chilly outside and you need an extra layer (but don’t want a coat yet), the one that you pull on Saturday morning while easing into your day with a cup of coffee or tea and yet still will be able to wear it to the office with a skirt. And best of all…it’s pink!

Knit on!

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