A Trip to the Mill

A few weeks ago a couple of Classic Elite Yarns’ employees took a road trip to visit the mill where one of our yarns, Mohawk Wool, is produced. Mohawk Wool is the newest (and extremely beloved) member of the MountianTop Collection.  

When they got to the mill they were greeted by the owner. She took them on a tour and walked them though the process of making Mohawk Wool. While we all know there are many steps to producing a quality yarn - it was surprising to find out just how many different steps there were. Here are just a few of pictures they took that day.

Sorting the fibers
Fiber after it has been run through the pin drafter
Raw fiber and roving
Single plies of Mohawk Wool
3 singles are plied together to make Mohawk Wool
Finished yarn – hanked, labeled and ready to be shipped 
While there are no sheep that live on the same land as the mill, the owner had a friend who stopped by on the way back from a festival with this little guy in tow.

Maybe his fleece is destined to become Mohawk Wool.

Knit on!

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