Avalanche, a new yarn from CEY

I love, love, love it when we get new yarns in. It’s really fun to put my hands on the fiber. I have to touch it for myself, rub it against the skin on the inside of my arms (which is actually more sensitive than most people’s faces) and even smell it. Ok…I know that last one is a little weird. But that’s what I do.

What do I hate about our new yarns? I can’t tell you about it for what feels like an eternity. We started working with the mill on this newest member of the CEY family way back in February. Since then I have been dying to tell someone – anyone – about it. But as always I have been sworn to secrecy…until now!

Avalanche is an alpaca, wool and nylon blend that knits up at a bulky gauge. Even though it is a bulky gauge, the yarn itself is extremely light and lofty. In fact, it is so light that a 50 gram hank has 200 yards on it! 200 yards…in a bulky gauge…that’ll go a long way.

It comes in eight shades with long color shifts that produce subtle stripes. It has almost a hand dyed feeling to it. But because it isn’t, you don’t have to worry about stranding with Avalanche. I don’t think anyone likes to strand.

Now…the most important question - what to do with it? I mean besides just touching it, petting it and in my case, smelling it.

Avalanche is an awesome accessory yarn. Its scarves and hats will be the ones you want to cozy into on the cooler days of winter, the type you don’t want to take off when you come inside.

Left to right: Roseau and Wabasha
I am amazed at the stitch definition on this yarn. When I saw it in hanks, I thought “this will make nice garter and stockinette stitch, and maybe a nice seed stitch.” And then I saw the Roseau and Wabasha scarves with their cabled patterns and was excited about how well they popped.

We also have two beautiful hat patterns – Windon and Luverne, both of which are sure to keep your ears nice and toasty this winter.

Left to right: Windon and Luverne
If you are thinking that Avalanche is a great accessory yarn, you are correct. But it also makes amazing sweaters. Case in point: Glyndon and Hawley.

Left to right: Glyndon and Hawley
Both are fabulous sweaters that you will want to get on your needles ASAP.

All of the patterns in this post are from our Classic Fall collection. The book and yarn are available in LYSs now. Stop by and check them out for yourself.

I double dog dare you not to sniff the yarn.

Knit on!

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