I was in a yarn store recently (purely as a customer) and started talking to another customer. She was looking for a sweater to knit for her daughter who was about to graduate from college. She wanted something that her daughter would love and wear for years to come, but not just with jeans, since she was hoping for her daughter to have an office job shortly after graduation.

I knew just the project for her - the Perham cardigan by Therese Chynoweth in Inca Alpaca from our Classic Fall collection.

I pointed out that it while it would look great with her daughter’s leggings and/or jeans and boots now, it would also be very appropriate with a pair of work trousers or pencil skirt for the office. The knitter/mother agreed.

Since she was also looking for a knit that wouldn’t be totally mindless, she really loved the cable pattern on the cardigan. While it looks extremely complicated, it is one of those charts that becomes meditative once you get into the rhythm of it.

But the part of the cardigan she liked the best was the neck. At a quick glance, the cardigan has a traditional v-neck. But take a second look.

Therese used short rows to create a wider neckline, which is a little more flattering on most people. It also gives the cardigan an updated feel.

I turned the knitter/mother over to the store staff and went back to my shopping. But as I left the store, I saw the customer winding her Inca Alpaca and could help but notice the sparkle in her eye. The one we all get when we find the perfect pattern and yarn to start a new project.

I have to admit that I had forgotten how good it feels to see that sparkle in another knitter’s eyes, knowing you had a hand in creating it. I miss that about working in a yarn store.

Mother/knitter, wherever you are…I hope you are making great progress on your daughter’s cardigan.

Knit on.

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