WIP Wednesday…Pattie’s Wadena

Most of us at the office are winding down (or binding off) on our Wadenas. But the other day at lunch I noticed that Pattie was just starting hers. She has been busy knitting on some time sensitive projects and just cast on last week. Luckily this is a quick knit and it won’t take her too long.

Like Andi, she decided she wanted to do a solid shawl. Unlike Andi, she decided to use Sanibel.

I don’t think I would have thought to use Sanibel for this shawl. I have been in a “this is a fall shawl, therefore I have to use a fall yarn” frame of mind for this KAL, but her choice is brilliant. She’ll be able to wear this shawl year round – in the fall and winter as an accessory to her outfit, in the spring as an extra layer of warmth when she is out and about, and in the summer on cooler evenings or in the AC.

I really love the way the Sanibel is knitting up. The subtle stripes of matte and shine in the short rows are stunning. It makes the shawl just a little extra special.

Pattie is just starting her short rows now (her first time doing them), but I am confident that she will be binding off before the September 30th deadline. They go quicker than she thinks they will and she has already remarked that she didn’t know why it took her so long to knit a project with short rows.

There is still time for you to join us! Read all about the KAL here.

Knit on!

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