Knitting Note Snapshots

I love my cell phone camera because of its utility when I’m knitting and sewing. Whenever I swatch or start a new project, there are a few quick snapshots I take. 

Most of my knitting note photos are needle and gauge related – just a needle gauge with the chosen needle size and a picture of the labeled ball of yarn that shows its color number. If I’m improvising a pattern, sometimes I’ll add a measuring tape for scale. From my camera these pictures go straight to Evernote where I’ll add a few notes about pattern modifications. If I’m adding the project to Ravely, photos like these are usually the first project images I use.

I take a lot of note photos when sewing also. Photos I’ve taken recently include showing how much fabric I actually need for a pattern, the fabric’s tag that states the fiber, the colors of thread I have, what modifications I’ve made to the fit, and how far in I’ve placed a zipper. 

Mixed in my photo library are snapshots of hand-written grocery lists, to-do lists, bus schedules and brochures; anything that I might want to reference. My camera roll certainly isn’t a pretty place, but it is pretty useful.

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