Mohawk Wool Love

Are you a monogamous knitter? I am mostly definitely not! I have to say working for a yarn company and being surrounded by gorgeous yarns certainly does not encourage monogamy. However, recently I have been pretty monogamous, not to a project but to a yarn. My current love affair is with Mohawk Wool. It truly was love at first site. I love its springy bounce, soft yet wooly hand, and above all the beautiful stitch definition. I also love that it is grown and spun in the USA.

I like to have projects on my needles with different levels of difficulty to prevent boredom. So, for easy mindless knitting, I’m working on the Dawn pullover.  I am on the body just knitting stockinette in the round. For a little more attentive knitting, I am working on my design called Kimball from our Every Day Knits book. I also recently knit one of the model garments for our December pattern collection – I know; it’s not nice to tease, but I can’t wait until I can share it!

I suspect that my love affair with Mohawk Wool will continue for a long time.

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