WIP Wednesday…Linda’s Wadena

September is over, which sadly means our KAL is also over. But I couldn’t resist one last WIP Wadena.

Today’s WIP is actually an FO and comes from Linda, our Design Coordinator.

Linda decided to use Majestic Tweed in 7254 Lavender, 7271 Ballerina and 7238 Espresso for her Wadena. She mentioned to me that she chose Majestic Tweed not only because she loved the way the samples looked, but also because it is so soft and luxurious it is a real treat to work with. She loves the way the yarn blooms as you knit, and it holds its shape so well that there is little to no blocking needed on a project like the Wadena.

Linda started her Wadena a few weeks after the rest of us, but it didn’t take her long to catch up. It is one of those pieces she could work on a little bit at a time – a few minutes here while waiting for her kids at karate practice, a few minutes there in the dentist office, and a few minutes after lunch. Before long her shawl was done.

Beautiful job Linda!

Knit on!

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