CEY & Indie Designers

Do you receive the CEY weekly Web-Letter? If so, you know this week we’re featuring independent designers who have self-published patterns that feature our yarns. If not, you can view our independent designer feature here and sign up for the Web-Letter here.

CEY’s partnership with indie designers goes beyond our Web-Letter features. Our monthly pattern books include a mix of indie designs and those from our in-house designers (both of them). A few of us contribute to the books but can only find time to design during nights and weekends, so we follow the same process as the indie designers, except we hand-deliver our submissions.

Talitha Kuomi
Cathy Payson
Julia Farwell-Clay

Tonia recently blogged about the long process every design in our collection goes through before we publish the final pattern. For indie designers, it starts with a design call from Susan. After the submission deadline, Susan selects the pieces that fit with our theme and we send yarn (and a deadline) to the designers we’re going to publish.

Alison Stewart-Guinee
Laura Zukaite
Therese Chenoweth

The designers themselves usually knit the pieces, although I have also met people who enlist the knitting help of their friends and family to make sure their pieces are knit in time for our photoshoots.

Apple Cider
Deborah Helmke
Therese Chenoweth
Jill Wright

We are proud to support independent designers and showcase their talents. The varied design perspectives they add to our in our pattern books ensures there are patterns for every skill level and type of knitter.

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