Cooking With Yarn

Knitting/crocheting patterns have a lot in common with recipes. They both tell you how to create a wonderful product with your own two hands. But both have downfalls if you don’t prepare properly. And we’ve all been there.

First piece of advice? Read the pattern/recipe. So many people don’t do this and end up in trouble. Run out of eggs in the middle of your cooking? Don’t have the proper tools (don’t know what the proper tools look like)? Do you have to stop to figure out how to do something (tempering eggs anyone?) All this can affect your dish and your project. Isn’t it better to read through before you start so you can have all the tools you need at hand and know how to use them?

Works in cooking, works in knitting. Read the pattern through before you pick up needles. You’ll find out what kind of needles you need (circulars, dpns), what your gauge needs to be, what the pattern is, and give yourself an opportunity to learn the pattern if unfamiliar (brioche? what’s brioche?) Look at the sizing and determine what size you want to make, then circle or highlight that size as you read through the pattern. Read it like a book. If you take the time to read it through, there won’t be any surprises as you knit and you’ll have a great FO at the end. And maybe some cookies to munch as you knit.

What’s on your needles?

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