Guest Post: Talitha Kuomi on Sydney

Today's post is from Talitha Kuomi, a Massachusetts-based designer that CEY has had the good fortune of working with for the last few years. Her most recent design for CEY is Sydney, knit in brand new Tiverton Tweed.

To learn more about Tal, visit her website, view her designs on Ravelry and read more about Tal's design process in this post on the CEY blog. 

Tweed, to me, is a chameleon. It makes me think of snooker halls (think American pool halls), potatoes fresh from the field and the smell of coal hanging heavy in the misty air. That’s odd, right? But the year I lived in the riverside town of Drogheda, Ireland was full of all of these. Tweed is a staple there. I wore a tweed coat, I knit in tweed flecked wools, and I passed countless tweed caps on my daily walk to town.

When CEY created Tiverton Tweed, I was excited to work with it. My heart holds so many different memories of tweed, I wanted to design something that could be different things to different people, too. Instead of starting by sketching this time, I wrote scribbled down phrases and adjectives trying to capture the overriding feeling of safety and comfort that tweed was to me the year I was so far from things that were familiar and dear to me. Written lines about ‘keeping the raw chill in the air at bay’ and ‘staving off the deep ache of homesickness’ became this textured scarf/cowl called Sydney.

 A slight modification is to wrap the scarf around your neck one and a half times. Use a shawl pin to secure one end to the center of the scarf, while tucking the other end inside the loop.

Adding a simple I-cord opens up other possibilities. With the ends lain flat, and overlapped by a few inches, and tied together it’s a cowl. With the ends pulled to the front and allowed to hang, you get a funky, flower-like bloom.

With the ends smoothed flat, dramatic little flares are created that add interest and texture to the cowl. I like it with the flares worn asymmetrically in front.

 With the flares slid around to the center back, they become a surprise. From the front it still looks like a regular double wrapped cowl.

I’m sure there are more ways for Sydney to be worn. I saw knitters last weekend at a local fiber fest wearing their scarves in so many clever ways. These are just the ones that came to my mind, along with the warm memories that the tweed stirs in my heart.

Peace, Tal

Love what you see? Stay tuned! Talitha has been busy designing a collection in collaboration with CEY that will debut in January. We can't wait share more as Tal's book nears publication.

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