A Favorite Sweater

There are certain things that we are always on the lookout for: perfectly fitting jeans, truly comfortable shoes, and a go-to sweater.  You know the cardigan I'm talking about.  It fits like a hug. It looks good enough to run about town in. It goes with everything and it always makes the wearer feel better than the moment before it was put on.

It's a lot to ask of a sweater, but isn't this the dream we have for each new cardigan project? We keep it at the back of our minds as we're carefully choosing a pattern, then picking the perfect yarn in just the right color.

Seedling Hoodie by Tonia Barry in color Steele Blue.

CEY designer, Tonia Barry, recently designed her own version of the perfect go-to sweater.  She made sure to include all her go-to sweater requirements. It's hooded, worn with a bit of positive ease, and knit up in Seedling, a beautiful organic cotton.  Her pattern was featured in last week's CEY Web-Letter.

As knitters, we all have different opinions about what our go-to sweater needs to be. When I saw Tonia's hoodie, I could see her perfectly wrapped up in this cozy piece. And while I adore this cardigan, my own dream sweater might be a little different. Would it have a hood? Long or short sleeves? Is it snug enough to be layered under a jacket or cozily oversized? Would it be a neutral color or some shade that really pops?

Indian Summer by Tonia Barry, Derby and Sheburne by Susan Mills
There are probably as many different kinds of go-to sweaters as there are knitters who knit them. But then again, how we love to wear them. Do you know what yours looks like?


  1. darmkrystal@gmail.comJune 23, 2015 at 7:29 PM

    Am about to tackle my first cardi.......what is a standard spacing for buttonholes or is there one..??.....have made 14 knit sweaters but this is my first cardi and any helpful advice is appreciated.........thanks for the awesome to help learn how......

  2. Buttonhole spacing varies. Best to follow the pattern instructions to get the look of that particular sweater. Have fun knitting your very first cardigan!