Happy 10th Anniversary to Knitscene

Ten years ago, an Interweave editor and the heads of three yarn companies sat in a West Coast hotel room hashing out the details of a new kind of knitting magazine. One of those people was our very own Betsy Perry (owner of Classic Elite Yarns). The result? Knitscene was born, 'a magazine for knitters who can't get enough of knitting' (according to the Editor Note in the very first issue).

#43 La Gran Pom Pom Scarf by Kristin Nicholas

 Lots of things have come and gone in the knitting world since 2005, but CEY's flagship yarn La Gran which was featured in the premiere issue is still going strong. This yarn was featured in two of the first Knitscene patterns. One of these is the 'La Gran Pom Pom Scarf' that was spotlighted as the free pattern in our Web-Letter this week.

#05 Tweed Jacket by Leslie Scanlon
The other is the #05 Tweed Jacket, a lovely mix of La Gran and Inca Alpaca. With one strand of mohair and two strands of alpaca held together as you knit, the fabric created is interesting and unique. How would you mix and match colorways to create a fabric all your own?

#06 Neck Warmer by Emily Bixler
Inca Alpaca is another long running CEY yarn. The softness of this yarn makes it ideal for anything that will cozy up against your skin like the #06 Neck Warmer, also from the premiere issue of Knitscene. Two strands of alpaca are held together as you knit giving you ever so many possibilities of color combinations.  Choosing two similar hues will result in a tonal look. Picking two contrasting hues to hold together gives more of a tweedy feel. My favorite patterns are the ones like these that give us, as knitters, enough room to let our own personal choices really shine.

Congratulations to Knitscene on the last 10 years and here's to many more to come! We at CEY are so glad to be part of the magazine that "brings you the stuff of knitters' dreams. Now wake up and get clicking!".

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