Sing, Sing a Song

In music, one guitar is not like the next.  Each has its own distinct tone. But it is not just the instrument playing the note which determines the sound. The way the note is actually played makes a world of difference in what we hear.

In our newest pattern book, Sing, the yarns are like different instruments. The drape of Bella Lino, the squish of Sprout, the merging color tones of Mesa and the versatile fiber mix of Song all play their own tunes in the knit pieces.

It's the way these yarns are 'played,' the details of novel construction and the chosen stitches themselves that really make the patterns ring out loud and strong.

'Unforgettable' a 3/4 length sleeve cardigan in Song.

The textured yoke of 'Unforgettable' elevates a classic raglan cardigan to something memorable. This pattern uses our new yarn Song whose cotton and wool combo make this a great knit for humming through from late summer into early fall.

'Stand By Me' by Susan Mills in Bella Lino.

The unexpected construction combined with an airy lace stitch in 'Stand By Me' allows the self-striping Bella Lino to shine. It also duets with the lightness and drape of the yarn to compose the beautiful flow of the sweater fronts.

'Heart of Gold' in Verde Collection Sprout.

See the way that 'Heart of Gold' shines a little spotlight on the soft texture of Sprout? And the large eyelets dotting the upper body work in beautiful harmony with the top down construction.

It's the extra touches that cause a lilting melody to get stuck in our heads and become a part of our day.  For me it's the details of patterns like these that make me want to knit them and then urge me to keep them at the top of the playlist that is my closet for years to come.

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