Sometimes knitting friends choose to knit the same things. It often happens at the LYS where I go on Saturday mornings. The interesting thing is that even though these knits are made from the same design, they come out different. Individual.

When we set out to make something, there are so many choices to be made. What will we knit? What color (or colors)? What notions will be used? And lastly, how will we wear it?

So, let's say you're going to knit our new 'Sasha' poncho. Here it is on Hayleigh knit up in the naturally undyed Steel and Charcoal colorways of Chalet. The warm tone of the wood buttons really makes them pop and she's right in style with her denim button-up and jeans.

Now, how can you make 'Sasha' your own? The colorblocking and the buttons. Being the focal points of this elegant poncho, what choices you make in those areas will have a big impact. Did you know that Chateau is the same luxurious fiber mix of alpaca and bamboo as Chalet? The only difference is Chateau's richly dyed hues. So feel free to mix and match these two airy yarns when choosing your color combo for this poncho.

These yarns are chunky weight, which belies how light and airy they feel knit up. Once the knitting and blocking is done, it's time to sew on the buttons. Because they are large buttons and will be framed by the contrast color tabs, I think that what you choose can make a big difference in the overall look. Don't let that make you feel pressured. Instead, let it give your own creativity a place to shine.

Then, let's put Sasha together with different buttons and style options to get a feel for what's possible. For an ultra feminine look, you could choose large abalone flower buttons, a flowy dress and a faux pearl necklace to top it all off. So pretty.

Wanting a more casual look? How about pairing Sasha with a mid-length denim skirt, blue henley t-shirt and buttons in variegated neutral tones that match your main yarn color? This would be great for everyday errands and an easy way to add polish to any outfit.

 I love how the buttons add one more pop of personality to your own individual style. There are truly so many places that the ease and versatility of Sasha will make it just the right thing to wear.

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