Wrapping Up The West Coast

Wow! It's  hard to believe we have been home for a week now. The last couple of days/events were a whirlwind of activity.

We had a good ride over the mountain from Eureka to Ashland, Oregon.

Ocean views as we begin to head up the mountain
Our next destination was The Web-Sters for a luncheon combined with all kinds of yarny fun. Betsy talked about the history of the company and Heather talked about the yarns and discussed the ins and outs of why certain fiber blends work so well. It was a more intimate group, and lots of them tried on garments - one of the benefits of seeing our knitted pieces in person!  The cooler temps outside led to two of our woolier/warmer yarns getting a lot of attention - they loved Telluride and Camelot!
Knitters enjoying lunch  and yarn previews at The Web-sters
We headed out right after The Web-sters event to get a head start on our trip for the next day - we had another mountain pass to get through as we aimed for Mt. Shasta, CA. Once we settled in we were not only treated to some local live entertainment, the next morning Betsy had a chance to see her niece and family for breakfast.

The driving was a bit sloppy as we headed to Knitique in Elk Grove on Saturday.

It was worth it, as we were welcomed by a full house of enthusiast knitters and were treated to a customer "CEY project" show and tell. Again, after a little talk, lots of people tried on samples and made their project choices.
Colorful cowl knit in Telluride
 We made our way to the last hotel night, had "breakfast for dinner", and tried to make sense of our suitcases!
Breakfast for dinner!
The trip was sooo much fun. Thousands of miles covered. Beautiful sites. A few quick family visits. Best of all, we were able to meet a whole bunch of yarn lovers!

Last but not least, a great big thank you to all the welcoming shop owners and dedicated knitters and crocheters!

Til next time,
Betsy & Heather

The Next Leg of the Journey

Travel Journal

What fun we had at Northcoast Knittery. It was a full house with the store decorated with all of our spring garments.

That didn't last too long though! People were taking the models off the hangers and mannequins and trying them all on. It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves, declaring,"Ooh , I love this!".

The next day we started out very early, with plenty of caffeine on hand, and headed along the Pacific coast, through the redwoods and mountains and along the Smith River. 

We were fortunate and had clear weather as the mountain ride is steep and windy, with lots of warnings to "have chains ready for winter conditions." But clear skies allowed us to see the majestic changing landscapes. What an amazing country!

Three Events Left To Go

Travel Journal

We’re on our own now – no local chauffeur (thank you Stephanie!). We filled up the Durango after landing in NoCal, and made our way to the Bay Area. The day turned out to be quite special for Betsy. 

We were able to squeeze in lunch with her son and spent the night with her sister-in-law. What a treat!! 

Now we’re in way northern California. After a rainy drive through the mountains, we arrived in Eureka – as in eureka! we made it! Tonight we’ll be sharing our yarn-love with customers at Northcoast Knittery. The shop looks great, and we’ll let you know afterwards, but right now it looks like we’ll have over 40 people in the store – wowza! Eureka is a beautiful town on the Pacific Ocean: foggy and rainy today, but we expect it to clear out so we can see ocean on one side and mountains on the other when we say adieu tomorrow morning.

CEY On The Road

Travel Journal

Today is our last day in San Deigo; this afternoon we get on the road again and meet up for an event at Creative Ewe in Santa Clarita Tuesday evening.

We had expected to be dealing with heavy rain here in CA, but so far it has been delightful! The sunrise this morning makes us want to stay longer!

It was such a great TNNA show. Retailers were excited about seeing all the vendors; we vendors were so happy to spend some time with our customers. Having them see finished garments is important – then they can tell their knitters what the pieces looked like IN PERSON! It makes the patterns come alive like nothing else.

Besides all the “glamorous” parts of being at a trade show (trying new restaurants; seeing knitting-world celebrities; cooking up new projects with our trade show buddies), it’s a lot of hard work too.

There were only three of us to tear down the booth this year, three “middle aged” women. Three tired “middle aged” women. I won’t lie and say it was easy, but we tucked away our important booth components for their safe journey home. And Heather treated the team to massages afterwards. Ahhhhh. 

It was a nice way to end the southernmost portion of our adventure.

Northward we go!

Additional Inspiration In January

It's cold outside in the Northern Hemisphere, making this the perfect time to find a cozy spot inside (perhaps by a sunny window) and plan for your spring knitting now. What you knit in January will be ready to wear on the first warmish days that begin to pop up in April. 

With spring in mind, our January pattern collection, Wooded Glen, is full of happy pastel colorways and yarns that all have either linen or cotton in the mix. Fringe and gracefully shaped hemlines add texture and uniqueness to the pieces.

For a little extra inspiration as you begin your spring knitting this month, we'll be releasing an additional new single PDF pattern each week in January. We begin this week with 'Moreai' by Tonia Barry. This classically shaped cardigan is worked from the bottom up in our organic cotton, machine washable Seedling.

The rounded neckline of this cardigan is a universally flattering shape, while the 3/4 length sleeves are just right for showcasing your favorite bangles or bracelet style cuffs. 

Transitional pieces are such gems as they are wearable on their own in the warmer months and make great layering pieces in the cooler months. Keep your eyes open for both the free Web-Letter pattern and the announcement of the additional new PDF pattern each and every Tuesday in January. (If you haven't already, be sure to sign up so you so you don't miss out!)