Three Events Left To Go

Travel Journal

We’re on our own now – no local chauffeur (thank you Stephanie!). We filled up the Durango after landing in NoCal, and made our way to the Bay Area. The day turned out to be quite special for Betsy. 

We were able to squeeze in lunch with her son and spent the night with her sister-in-law. What a treat!! 

Now we’re in way northern California. After a rainy drive through the mountains, we arrived in Eureka – as in eureka! we made it! Tonight we’ll be sharing our yarn-love with customers at Northcoast Knittery. The shop looks great, and we’ll let you know afterwards, but right now it looks like we’ll have over 40 people in the store – wowza! Eureka is a beautiful town on the Pacific Ocean: foggy and rainy today, but we expect it to clear out so we can see ocean on one side and mountains on the other when we say adieu tomorrow morning.

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