Sanibel and Santorini

Not wanting to jinx it, but we’ve been pretty lucky here in the northeast in regards to the weather this winter. There wasn’t much snow to dig out from and the temperatures overall have been relatively mild. Still, who doesn’t look forward to the arrival of spring when our surroundings begin to pop back into color letting us know that warmer weather is just around the corner? A harbinger that we won’t need to be all bundled up and will be able to wear lighter fabrics in cheerful bright colors.

So as the world around us starts to wake up and all the browns and greys become the background for the tender green shoots and trees bursting with buds we think of two of our favorite summertime yarns. 

Sanibel and Santorini are two fabulous yarns that are interchangeable. With lovely, soft drape and intermittent bits of shine, these two yarns are fun to work with and wear.

Sanibel is the more subtle of the two and with silky tone on tone colors that makes any design become simply elegant.

Elen, Glenda, and Lara in Sanibel
Santorini is the more outspoken of the two with multiple colors creating stripes in beautiful combinations.

Choose to make the vibrant Nashawena top, or wrap yourself up in color with Naushon, a fun piece to knit and wear.

Nashawena and Naushon in Santorini
It just seems that when the world is soon to be in bloom around you, fun, bright pops of color are the way to go!

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