What season IS it?

At this time of year in the yarn business, we have to think twice about what our focus is. It seems no matter how long we have been creating yarns and their corresponding designs, we still get a bit befuddled this time of year. That’s because our new “spring” yarns and patterns are out and available to you at your LYS (go check them out!). And while we are still talking about spring, we are in the throes of getting the sales force ready to show the new fall line to your local yarn store. 

One of the most important jobs is making little hanks of yarn (“mini-skeins). To make these, we use an antique reeler, one that has been with the company longer than nearly all of its employees. We make thousands of mini skeins which are then used by your LYS when they make their decisions; we also take them to trade shows and use them at CEY Yarn Tastings hosted by shops and guilds all over the country. 

The sales reps also show the shops every color of each and every yarn – that’s a lot of colors! The yarns are cut into strands that are looped onto skewers. Once all the yarns are looped on, the skewer gets glued to a large printed “board” and trimmed. Since the “presentation boards” show all the current colors in a particular quality of yarn, it makes it easy (or not so easy!) for shop owners to choose the best palette of colors to stock their shelves. 

We are also madly finishing up photoshoots, stroking knitting lots of sample swatches of each new yarn, selecting and cropping photography, and fondling labeling samples. All for fall which is still many months away. 

So you can understand why we can’t seem to figure out what season we are actually in – is it spring? or is it fall? I guess “it depends.”

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