The Colory Story from A - Z: with Creative Director Susan Mills

The work of a yarn company Creative Director seems so glamorous! Our minds fill with the idea of model auditions, photo shoots, beautiful locations and of course gorgeous yarns. Then there's the part where you get to hang out with the yarny celebs while following and creating new trends. It's a dream job for many of us on the outside.

Susan Mills has the  great good fortune to live the life. She's worked with some of the industry's favorite designers. She has designed a full catalog of beautiful, wearable projects. And she drives the selection and design of Classic Elite Yarns' irresistible offerings

I sat down with Susan to chat about how she chooses colors for each collection. Although she's constantly watching trends in fashion, working 18 months or more in advance brings some much needed guesswork to the process. 

Check out this brief photo essay that follows the process from concept to projects:

Step 1 - Create a color story. Pantone chips help a lot.

Step 2: Consult with dyers and the mills to create the best matches.

Step 3: The YARN brings your vision to life!

The beautiful design collection, Early Fall 2016 showcases all the colors just as conceived.  Which color do you find irresistible?

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