Someone's in the Kitchen with Heather

Did the Classic Elite Yarns blog become a cooking blog? Or a science geek blog? Well just for one day as we introduce you to Heather McVickar, CEY's Director of Sales.

Heather is just one example of the fascinating and kind people who populate our industry. A biology major in college, Heather began her career in medical research. With stints in labs conducting research on everything from the design of knee and hip replacements, to toxicology to Alzheimer's research, she was a rare woman in the sciences. 

An early love of cooking took hold, and Heather enrolled in a professional chef's program. Her mother was a great cook, and Heather began her journey in food during grade school baking for fundraisers. Creativity, science and love of food come together in the exquisitely delicious desserts that Heather whips up in her kitchen. I've eaten them. They're good. Yum.

It all comes down to creativity for Heather. Cooking is one outlet. Knitting is another. And recently, she's delved into Shibori dying. Check out the gorgeous dishtowel (on stove below) that she created in a recent class in Vermont.

And much like knitting and crochet, stash development is key to a well stocked kitchen! A part-time job with Williams-Sonoma (when her kids were young) certainly helped her acquire every shape of spatula, pan and mold. You can never have enough yarn...or pots. 

Yet still, there is always another skein, another gadget that you must have. Next on Heather's wish list? A new Kitchenaid mixer! How about one of these in the Pantone colors for Summer 2016? Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue look equally good in Classic Elite Yarn.

I am lucky to get to nibble on the treats that come from Heather's kitchen. And we're all lucky that Heather's been with Classic Elite for 11 years bringing us all the most gorgeous yarns and designs to nurture our creativity.

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