Behind the Scenes Prepping the Spring Line

It may only be September, but we're getting ready for Spring!

I got to see the sneakiest of sneak peeks inside Classic Elite's newest yarns. They'll be coming to your local yarn store after the New Year, just when you'll want a little gift for yourself. Let's just say if I could have snuck a skein or two out of there, I would be gleefully knitting with them right now, so I know you'll be eager to see them for yourself and get them on your own needles and hooks.

Since I'm sworn to secrecy about THAT, I'll show you a few more pics from inside Creative Director Susan Mills' office. 

I love that Susan's office is the real deal. This is not the perfectly "set" space with every hair in place. Real work gets done here! Balls of yarn, needles and hooks, swatches in all sizes and colors appear in organized disarray. It's truly an inspiring space and everywhere you turn there is a beautiful piece of fabric, artifact, vintage pattern or other piece of CEY arcana.

Another aspect of new season prepping is the photo shoot.

We're down in Westport, MA at one of our favorite locations -- a local farmhouse with beautiful views of the water.


You'd never know from these shots that there was rain threatening us all day long. Check out the seagull on the rock behind the photographer. This birdie was our constant companion all day.

And since you've been so, so good in reading all the way to the end of this post, here is a wee little yarn peek for you. But ssh, don't tell anyone.

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