Must Knit TV

It all began with Outlander. Or was it Dr. Who? Were people knitting to The Honeymooners, Donna Reed and Playhouse 90?

Recently, the Boston Globe devoted a front page story to the phenomenon of "Netflix and Knitting" or "Knitflixing." Pinterest has boards devoted to the best shows to binge watch and the best patterns to knit and crochet while doing so. 

And a search for Netflix on Ravelry yields a growing list of designs perfect for simple, easy knitting.

Knitflix Shawl by Susan Ashcroft in Classic Elite Yarns' Liberty Wool Light

In fact, Classic Elite Yarns has some classic, simple knits (with an Outlander look to boot) that would easily while away the time while enjoying your favorite shows.

Hooded Wrap by Sabrina Judge in Alpaca Sox (L) and Woodland Capelet by Susan Mills in Woodlander (R)
Indeed Netflix got in on the action! Now you can knit yourself a pair of socks inspired by your favorite series.

photo credit: Netflix

And if you are handy with a soldering iron, you can build a bit of technology to place inside your socks designed to turn off your watching device if you fall asleep while binge watching! 

Your CEY staff are guilty of binge watching with the needles and hooks in hand too. Betsy and Susan are sports fans -- baseball of any type from Little League to the Red Sox are their shows of choice. Tonia prefers House of Cards and Andi can't turn off HGTV. Noreen's a fan of soaps, Laurie watches The Voice, Edith is into Being Mary Jane. Cheryl is currently immersed in Foyle's War, and Heather watches Haven. And Pattie...she's old school. Pattie listens to the radio.

What's your bingewatch, knitflix addiction? I'm dying to know.

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