Our Rep on the Road - MI, OH, KY Linda McCleland Visits Grand Rapids

Linda McLeland, one of our intrepid midwest sales reps, is truly a road warrior. She travels multiple states -- through rain, sunshine, snow and sleet -- to bring beautiful Classic Elite Yarns to local yarn shops throughout her region (KY, MI, OH.)

Based in the Chicago area, one of Linda's favorite things about her job (besides working with YARN) is finding all the wonderful events that each state in her territory has to offer.

This week Linda introduces us to ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Mi.

11/25 scale repro of Alexander Calder's "La Grand Vitesse" or The Grand Rapids (L);
Shiny Seed by Casey Dixon in metal, glass & electronics (R)

ArtPrize is an annual, juried community festival. With 200 venues throughout Grand Rapids, ArtPrize is the largest art competition in the world. And the public votes for the winners.

 Accumulations by Amber Bledsoe (Upper Left); Ella's Wings by Marie Greve (Upper Right)
Breath by Pat Skvarenina and Debbie Fehrenbach (Lower Left) & Louis by DeWitt Godfrey (Lower Right)

Some of Linda's favorite pieces are shown above. 

Any artist over the age of 18, working in any medium, anywhere in the world can enter ArtPrize. The grand prize is $500,000. Considering the MacArthur Genius Grant is $625,000, ArtPrize in Grand Rapids is a pretty serious show!

Even the Grand Rapids Children's Museum gets involved with this hands-on weaving installation.

Linda's ultimate favorite piece is this temporary home, installation and time capsule called Emoh by artist Loren Naji. "Home" spelled backwards, Emoh is built using debris from demolished homes in Michigan and Ohio. Take a moment to follow the link and read up on Emoh. It's quite moving, even without being there to see it. The artist will be living in the 8' orb during ArtPrize.

A big thank you to Linda for sharing these pics from her day at ArtPrize. Grand Rapids seems a beautiful place, and I may never have "visited" if not for our Rep on the Road!

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