Ode to a Goat

Mohair Goat at the 1920 Oregon State Fair

This post celebrates fashion, mohair and La Gran, our flagship mohair yarn. Classic Elite Yarns has been producing La Gran continuously since the mid-1980s. 

Mohair is fine and lustrous and has many of the good qualities of wool. It’s fairly soft and can absorb moisture yet still feel warm and dry. Knitted on a large needle, it’s lightweight and airy. La Gran is spun with a strong binder—a combination of wool and nylon—to secure it. The fluffy surface is the result of a good brushing.

Seventh Avenue had a love affair with La Gran in the 90s and the aughts. This amazing bubble sweater for Vogue Knitting was designed by Marc Jacobs (above) while Irina Shabayeva inspired with this intarsia beauty (below). Both make brilliant use of La Gran's loft and softness.

Whether it's Vintage Nicky Epstein (L) or Vintage Classic Elite Design Team (R), La Gran is always in style.

These gorgeous runway pieces show the timeless nature of mohair. It's simply always in style.

This week's free pattern is just one of a recent slate of free patterns we're offering in La Gran.

This is the season to become reacquainted with the goat, don't you think?

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