PROCESS OR PRODUCT? Who cares when what we need is more time for both!?

Whether you’re a process knitter (for the zen of it) or a project knitter (to expand your wardrobe) most of us would LOVE to have more time to knit. Here are some ideas for finding more knitting time each day. Choose one or two of these, and you'll find you're finishing projects in no time!


Always have your knitting with you.
Carry a small easy/mindless project (socks or garter stitch something) in your bag/purse/backpack and always leave an emergency project in your car.

Wake up a bit earlier.
A great way to start the day, knitting in the morning is more productive than the same amount of time spent knitting late at night. Plus, it’s quiet and peaceful in the morning while everyone else is sleeping  - and there is coffee.

Knit while watching television.
Even if you only knit during the ads, make it habit not to turn on the TV without picking up your knitting.

Put down the phone and computer. Social media and game addiction is real and knitting is so much more productive. Get away from the screens and you’ll be glad you did.

Knit while watching sports.
Whether on TV or at the field with your kids or grand kids, there is lots of time during warm up and in between the actual playing to get a few rows done.

Knit while waiting. In line at Costco, the DMV, or at the dentist or doctor, knitting will help you past the time.

Listen to books instead of reading books.
Knitting while listening to books on tape or podcasts is multi-tasking at its best.

Let some one else drive.
Being a passenger = knitting time. A car, bus, subway, train and plane are all great places to find extra knitting time.

Give up housework. Hire a chef and a housekeeper or, if that would affect your yarn budget too much, treat yourself to a bit more knitting time and put off vacuuming for another day and order take out.