Part 2: Hip to Be Square - A Giveaway with Schacht Spindle Co.

Hi Makers,

Thanks for checking back in with us so soon. I'm delighted to introduce you to Lois Weaver and share with you her thoughts about her experiences and inspiration.

Read on, and at the end of this post you'll have a chance to enter our giveaway for a Schacht Zoom Loom and Liberty Wool yarn -- enough to make Lois' Hip to Be Square Cowl.

Tracy @ CEY:
Tell us a little bit about the type of design work you currently do and where we can find your designs or finished garments.

Lois Weaver:
I mostly design for small looms like Rigid Heddle and Pin Looms, although recently I’ve been revisiting my crochet and knitting skills and incorporating those techniques into my designs. My designs and kits can be found on my Etsy store so you can see what I mean.
T @ CEY:
How did you get into the design world?  When did you publish your first design?

I’ve loved making clothes all my life! As a small child, I enjoyed dressing up dolls and making their clothes. I started my career as a weaver and designer in my 40s, specializing in original wearables marketed through boutiques and galleries.
Looking for adventure I sold everything except my stored looms and tools and moved into an RV to explore the west. After a year I had serious “weaving withdrawal”. I rented a small loom to take with me into the desert and discovered Cotton Clouds, Inc. in Safford, Arizona. Irene, the owner, and I became fast friends and she asked me to develop a kit from one of my designs. Thus began beginning of my shift from weaver to designer.
T @ CEY:
Do you come from a “crafty” background?  Did your mother or grandmother teach you to knit, crochet or weave?

I come from a long line of Pennsylvania Dutch Mennonite women known for their work ethic and attention to detail. They made all their clothes and quilts out of necessity. In what little free time they had, they embroidered or crocheted.

My mother taught me to crochet when I was very young. At age 13 I taught myself to knit from a Workbasket magazine so I could knit a Barbie dress. Most of my life, my creativity that had been lying dormant, so at age 40 I enrolled in a university fiber arts program where I discovered loom weaving and made the connection with my birth name, “Weaver” and the craft of my ancestors. Weaving is in my blood—it feels like I have always done it!

T @ CEY:
Where do you find your inspiration?  Nature?  Art?  Dreams?

Oh, I love color! The beautiful colors and textures in nature and anything that’s around me—even the yarn on my shelf. Even as I finish one project, I see the possibilities for the next. And sometimes all it takes to get my creative juices flowing is someone asking me the question, “Could you . . .? Or in these colors . . . ?”

T @ CEY:
What do you like to do when you aren’t designing or weaving?

Exploring! My husband and I love to travel. I’m always curious about what’s over the next hill and around the next bend. There is so much to discover.  I also love hiking or anything that gets me out into nature.

T @ CEY:
If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow – where would you like to visit?

Not just one place -- I’d love to visit Iceland and the Scandinavian countries, New Zealand; other places in the world where artisans are creating from their own heritage. In the US and Canada, the Pacific Northwest is on my list.

T @ CEY:
What are your favorite fibers for weaving and why?

I have primarily used cotton, rayon and bamboo in my designing. Since moving back to Colorado, I have been experimenting with a variety of wool yarns. I especially love that small loom weavers can use most of the same yarn as knitters. There are so many new options available and the amazing variety of color effects such as the Liberty Wool Prints that I used in my latest design, Hip to be Square Poncho and Cowl.

Patterns and kits sold at

About Schacht -
Schacht Spindle Company, Inc. was founded during the back-to-earth movement of the late 1960's and its accompanying craft resurgence. Their first loom was a simple tapestry loom, a version which they still make today. Over nearly 50 years, Schacht has developed a broad range of high quality hand weaving and hand spinning tools, including their popular Cricket Loom and Ladybug Spinning wheel. Schacht’s mission is to create beautiful and well-designed products that enhance customers’ weaving and spinning experience through innovative problem solving, creative ideas, skilled woodworking and craftsmanship, and friendly, knowledgeable customer service. Schacht’s family owned business is located in Boulder, Colorado.

TO ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY: Please use the comments section below to tell us what fibers you most enjoy working with whether animal fibers such as wools and alpacas or plant fibers such as cottons and bamboos. What are your faves to create with them.

Entries must be posted by August 27th and winners will be selected at random and announced on Monday, August 28.

PART 1: Hip to be Square – Win a Schacht Zoom Loom and Liberty Wool Print!

Hello Fellow Makers. It's Tracy here, from Classic Elite Yarns, and I am so excited to share some news with you!

In celebration of our partnership with Schacht Spindle Co. and designer Lois Weaver on her release of the Hip to Be Square Poncho, Classic Elite Yarns is pleased to offer a fabulous giveaway to inspire your creativity.

Answer our entry question by posting in the comments section below, and you will be entered to win a kit to create Lois' Hip to Be Square Cowl pictured below.  
Answers must be posted by August 27th. Winners will be chosen by random drawing and will be announced on Monday, August 28th.   

Answer our second entry question in Part 2 (published tomorrow) for a second chance to win.
Offer valid for residents of continental US only.  
Hip to Be Square Cowl by Lois Weaver uses the Schacht Zoom Loom and CEY Liberty Wool

CEY recently had the opportunity to partner with designer Lois Weaver of ZoZo FiberArts in creating a stunning woven poncho, called Hip to be Square.  Lois’s poncho received lots of oohs and aahs as it was modeled on the runway during the fashion show at TNNA's summer trade show in Columbus, Ohio.

Lois transformed our top selling yarn, Liberty Wool Print into this spectacular design.   The woven squares were completed on a Zoom Loom from Schacht Spindle Co.  Lois used a complimentary Liberty Wool Solid to stitch the squares together, add a crochet border and knit the turtleneck.  Wow!

Lois has been a professional weaver and designer for the past 20 years. Her unique pieces are noted for their use of color, attention to detail and contemporary styling using the latest in knitting and weaving yarns. Lois loves to introduce fellow fiber enthusiasts to new ways to enjoy fiber crafts. She teaches and publishes patterns for small looms, designed with beginning weavers in mind. Lois studied art at James Madison University with a concentration in Fiber Arts. Her studio is currently located in Pueblo, Colorado.
Patterns and kits can be found at the ZoZo Fiber Arts website.

To enter our giveaway, use the comments section below to tell us what you might create with a Schacht Zoom Loom and Liberty Wool. The possibilities are endless.

And come back for Part 2, and another chance to enter, tomorrow.