Sweater Girl Makes Good...Jewelry That Is

Meet Kim O'Brien,
 one of Classic Elite Yarns' favorite sweater models!

You may know Kim from the exuberance she brings to all of our photo shoots. Kim can't come to a shoot without her extensive collections of boots, skirts and Vans which usually adds a sense of the stylish unknown to our pre-planned wardrobe choices. You'd think we would have learned to expect the extra shoes and clothing by now, but one of the great things about Kim is that she exceeds expectations. 

When Kim's not modeling for us, she is out in the real world designing and creating jewelry at her new studio space in historic Lowell, MA. She's taken up residence at Classic Elite's former home, the new Western Avenue Studios.

We're thrilled to invite all of our local readers to a studio party to celebrate Kim's new creative space and her growing business. 

Open Studio Party
Saturday, October 21
2:00 - 10:00 p.m.
122 Western Avenue #105
Lowell, MA

Kim says,

My jewelry line emerged slowly. I graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor's Degree in Jewelry and Metals from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. I had about seven years, which I refer to as 'before craft', where I worked an office job and almost never touched my beloved tools or sheets of silver. Slowly, I found time to get my studio in order, designs started to flow in my head, my hands gravitated towards my tools and a small jewelry line came to being. From there I started to play with my enamels, introducing color to my otherwise grey palette. Other design elements soon came into play, I had vintage jewelry parts cast in silver to incorporate into my designs, giving these pieces a new life and meaning.

We love how Kim's understated pieces feel natural and fluid. Plus we think they look great with CEY sweater patterns!