Saying good-bye is hard!

As many of you have now heard, Classic Elite Yarns will be closing its doors in the very near future. It was a difficult decision; one made with a lot of careful thought. Times change; tastes change; business changes. As much as those of us in the company love working with yarn, creating beautiful products, fostering a nurturing work environment, in the end it’s a business. Kristin Nicholas, one the company’s first creative directors, wrote a nice piece about changes in the yarn business, and among other things she says “business has gotten tougher and tougher over the last few years. The business model is changing and it is not going to stop changing.”

All that being said, I cannot express enough how special it has been to provide beautiful products to you – the knitters and crocheters and makers – over these many years. We just published Web-letter #553. That’s over 553 weeks of patterns and inspiration, starting with a market bag in July 2007. And just like that market bag, so many of our patterns – both free and for-a-fee – continue to be relevant! That's a nice legacy.

In our final post to you, I want to publicly thank many people for their hard work and dedication. To the amazing team working here in Massachusetts – they are dedicated, hard-working, and much like a family. I wish them only the best as they start their next chapters. To the sales team – these are people who are on the road all year long, presenting our products to amazing small business owners who work so hard to bring the very best into their shops so that you can have the very best materials to work with. A special shout-out to those local yarn shops. In a time when small business is under incredible pressure, these women and men get up every day and are in their shops to serve you – with products, with inspiration, with knowledge, and with a helping hand! Please take a minute the next time you are in a shop, to thank the owner and employees, and to make a purchase, no matter how small! It all adds up.

I am proud of what we did for all these years. Classic Elite Yarns will live on – on your needles or in your stash, as finished pieces, on Ravelry, and yes, for a while anyway, in shops. But as it fades away, be sure you do your best to enjoy the craft and do your best to support those who bring you the fibers and designs we all love.

On a personal level, I'll be taking some family time and trying out retirement - and hopefully doing some knitting! 

Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart.

Betsy Perry, President